Tom Bradley

b. 1985
+44 7828 864409

I’m an artist and photographer based in London, UK.

Since 2009 I’ve worked on long-term projects with, among others, leprosy, Syrian refugees, stone-miners in Bangladesh, and Bangladeshi LGBT rights, as well as working for a variety of publications and NGOs*. In 2015/2016 I furthered my photographic studies at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Bangladesh, and my end-of-course project was a finalist for the Ian Parry Scholarship. In summer  2016 I was awarded a grant by Open Society Foundations to photograph prisons in Armenia.

In 2017/2018 I continued various personal projects in Bangladesh while undertaking the role of Coordinator of the International Photography Program at Pathshala, mentoring students and assisting the faculty.

All images, video and text on this website are the copyright and ownership of the author Tom Bradley only (unless otherwise stated). If you are seeking permission to use the images in some way, or wish to enquire about prints, some of which are editioned, please email me. Thank you.

*Including: New York TimesThe Guardian, Buzzfeed, BBC, AJ+, CNN, The Daily Telegraph, American Leprosy MissionsAction on Armed Violence,World Wildlife FundThe Leprosy Mission InternationalHEAL Africa, Mercy ShipsStudent British Medical JournalThe Weather Magazine, Compass Cultura, Radio Netherlands WorldwideInstitute for War and Peace ReportingNepal Leprosy Trust.

Tom and the UPDF (Ugandan People's Defence Force) while they are on the hunt for the LRA. Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of Congo 2011

Tom is currently in London, UK.